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Génération Dialogue: Journalistes Marocaines
Fruit of the latest writing workshop: The founding members of the Moroccan women journalists network wrote a collective book, with an introduction by Fatema Mernissi, published 2012.

New introduction to "Beyond the Veil"
"What is the event, unimaginable thirty years ago, that is worth mentioning in my new introdution to reprint of "Beyond the Veil", my Ph.D dissertation published in 1975?" In her new introduction (2011), Mernissi argues that women’s aggressive invasion of the 500-plus Arab satellite channels in the twenty-first century, including as commanding show anchors, film and video stars, supports her theory that Islam as a religion celebrates female power.

Les 50 Noms de l'Amour
Fatema Mernissi reprend " Les 50 noms de l'amour : Le Jardin des amoureux ", d'al-imam Ibn Qayyim al-jawziyya du 14e siècle et les commente en les actualisant.Avec des créations calligraphiques de Mohamed Idali pour chacun des 50 noms de l'amour. Une salutation du Printemps 2011

The Veil and the Male Elite

News from November 2010
The quickest way to update my biography is to answer the following question: What is the most striking event of this 21st Century's First Decade to have affected my career as a writer? My answer is that it is the digital revolution. ... read more about my current interests and experiences

Cover L'amour dans les pays musulmans

Love in Digital Islam
In 2007, the Moroccan publisher Le Fennec re-edited my book "L'Amour dans les pays musulman. A travers le miroir des textes anciens" from the year 1984 with a new introduction. Love in Digital Islam: Why Ibn Hazm is a best-seller on the Internet?
See as well the new Spanish and Italien editions.

A quoi revent les jeunes

What Are the Youth Dreaming About?
The writing workshop I conducted in 2007 was a success. It gave birth to a collective book with my introduction:
"A quoi revent les jeunes?" Ouvrage collectif (Editions Marsam 2008)

Chinese Cover Dreams of Trespass

Why was China an enchanted land in my childhood?
The Chinese edition is the 30th translation of "Dreams of Trespass" which is my only fiction and was first published in 1994. When the Indonesians translated the book, I did not think they needed a new introduction since they were familiar with Moslem culture, but I thought that the Chinese needed one!

Cover Tate Catalogue

The Tate Britain will show the exhibition "The Lure of the East: British Orientalist Painting". The title of my contribution to the catalogue is "Seduced By Samar or How British Orientalist Painters Learned to stop Worrying and Love the Darkness".
For the catalogue see Yale University Press. For the exhibition see Tate Gallery. Exhibition schedule: Tate Britain, London (June 4 – August 31, 2008), Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey (October 2008 – January 2009), Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (late February – April 2009)

Recent Interviews and Aricles with and about Fatema Mernissi
Interview with the German newspaper TAZ: "The Moroccan sociologist Fatima Mernissi assures her interviewer that the media is about to bring democracy to the Islamic world." German Version: "Der Islam schafft Solidarität", English abstract
Article in the German magazine GEO, October 2007 (Themenheft zum Thema Gerechtigkeit: "Die kühnen Gedanken der Fatema Mernissi. Aus dem Harem zur befreiten Frau im Islam")
TAZ Reise Synergie Civique - A Travel to Civil Society
The German newspaper Tageszeitung organises a trip to the civil society of South Morocco (Marrakech-Zagora), April 2008:
Im Zentrum dieser 11-tägigen Reise stehen eine herrliche Landschaft und vor allem Menschen mit eigenständigen Projekten und zivilgesellschaftlichen Initiativen. Auf der Fahrt zwischen Marrakesch und Zagora, über den Hohen Atlas in die Oasenstädte im Tal der Drâa, erhalten Sie Einblicke in den gesellschaftlichen Alltag aus der Sicht von Initiativen und Projekten im Umkreis des Netzwerks „Synergie Civique“. Mehr Infos
calligraphy Recent Articles
Weaving Peace into Globalization: The Casablanca Dream
"Why are human beings - who have dreamed since the dawn of civilization of flying and of developing wings to move faster and cross familiar boundaries to discover the unfamiliar - now afraid of globalization? ..." As well, the "Casablanca Dream" is an initiative of women from the South, activists and academics, seeking for solutions in order to empower women who carry the growing burden of world wide poverty. The relaunch meeting was in Casablanca, January 2007. See

My research topic was and is the impact of the satellite on the Arab world:
  • Digital Scheherazade: The Rise of Women as Key Players in the Arab Gulf Communication Strategies
  • Is the Satellite Reawakening Sindbad? Adab or Allying with the Stranger as the Strategy to Win the Globalized Planet
  • 4 postcards summarizing Fatema Mernissi's Erasmus Prize speech
    Les Sindbads marocains Travel Across the Civic Morocco
    Fatema Mernissi's new book "Les Sindbads marocains" (French original) has been released in Morocco. (Italian edition "Karawan: dal deserto al web", October 2004, Spanish edition forthcoming 2005.)
    Le livre démontre que le Maroc, qui n'a pas de pétrole, a eu l'intelligence de miser sur le cerveau humin en jouant la combinaison gagnate : initiative civique plus libéralisation des télécommunications.
    vallee du draa New Collective Books from Synergie Civique
  • Publications and Writing Workshops (since 1997)
  • Trésors et merveilles de la vallée du Drâa: Guide du touriste
    Il existe sur le marché une panoplie de guides de tourisme sur le Maroc, plus ou moins prestigieux, mais partageant tous la particularité d'être écrits par des non-Marocains !
  • Femmes - Prisons. Parcours croisés
    Ce livre nous introduit dans l'univers souterrain de l'indicible, celui des épouses, mères et soeurs des prisonniers politiques, comme il a le mérite de capter des fragments de souvenirs vacillants des foules féminines tourbillonant autour des portes angoissantes des prisons.
  • Sole nero. Gli anni di piombo del Marocco moderno raccontati dai suoi protagonisti. (Book by members of Synergie Civique)
    Synergie Civique Portraits of Civil Society Actors
    What is the profile of these new leaders of civic projects? - Read more about Medina Digital Feminists, the Zagora Miracle, the Casablanca Civic Djinnis Link or the Marrakech Youth Dream. (Introduction)
    La Société Civile en Portraits: Est-ce que vous voulez faire la connaissance d'une ex-prisonnière politique, d'une libraire voyageante en Haut Atlas, d'un auteur qui a volé des rires - bref: des fondateurs et membres des associations de la société civile?
    The main language of this web site is English. There is information in French, German and Italian as well.


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