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The Caravane Civique at Bahrain
The Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa
Center for Culture and Research
Civic Caravan
Muharraq, 14-18 March 2005

The Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa Center for Culture and Research is pleased to welcome the civic Caravan in Bahrain, headed by the Moroccan writer Fatema Mernissi. The caravan comes to this island with remarkable treasures of Arabic culture, the roots of which extend from the Arab west to the Arab east, including cultural nights, seminars and exhibitions.

Monday 14 March
  • Lecture by Fatema Mernissi:
    Cowboy and Sindbad - Dualism of Sword and Pen

  • Opening of the Exhibition: From the Carpet to the Tableau
    The carpet makers who became fine artists: Regraguia Benhali and Fatima Melall
Tuesday 15 March
  • Najia El Boudali (Academic professor and member of national and international women's rights associations): Dialogue between Women and State
  • Noureddine Saoudi (Professor, researcher, journalist and translator): Dialogue as a Weapon against Violence
  • Rachid Chraibi (Moroccan Publisher): The "Carpet of Dreams" Project
Wednesday 16 March
  • Adnan Yassin (Professor, journalist and poet): The Internet as a Democratic Space
  • Jamila Hassoune (Initiator of the Book Caravan): The Internet and the Democratisation of Knowledge
  • Ahmed T. Zainabi (Director of the association ADEDRA): Settlement of Disputes through Dialogue
Thursday 17 March
English Language Speakers, Talking about their Fields of Speciality:
  • Heike Staff (Consultant in the field of publishing and media)
  • Greta Tüllmann (Editor of a German women's magazine)
  • Thomas Hartmann (Organiser of cultural exchange, Germany)
  • Edite Kroll (Book publishing agent)
Friday 18 March
  • Open Meeting with the Caravan Members
  • Poetry Recital with Music - by poet Qassim Haddad and musician Mohamed Al-Haddad
Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa Center for Culture and Research

The Center was established at the same site of the original majlis where the reformists, the pioneers of education and the erudites met in the first quarter of the twentieth century. From this old majlis, letters and dispatches were sent to various capitals in the east and west and to it arrived various books, magazines and letters reflecting the cultural interests and dialogues. After three quarters of a century this center opens new channels for global contact through its cultural programmes and publications, bringing back to the old capital of Bahrain its former glamour and importance.

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